District heating

Most district heating systems operated in urban areas are owned by municipalities, who have entrusted our company with the operation, modernisation, and maintenance of their systems on the basis of long-term contracts. Through the district heating systems operated by our company, we supply heat and hot service water to residential buildings and other buildings such as schools, healthcare facilities, and office buildings...

Solutions for real comfort
Simple and safe, district heating systems deliver comfort directly to our clients' homes.
Buildings connected to a district heating system are guaranteed an absolutely safe and problem-free supply of heat.
Heat is delivered to heat exchange stations in the form of hot water. These stations produce no smoke, particulates, or unpleasant odours, making them absolutely safe for end consumers and the environment.

Challenges to which we respond in the field of district heating:
Providing a stable level of heating comfort at optimum costs.
Improving the dependability and safety of buildings and their occupants.
Optimising energy efficiency.
Upgrading heating facilities and adjusting them to actual needs.
Managing atmospheric emissions.

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How do district heating systems work?

It works on a simple principle: district heating is based on centralised production of thermal energy and its distribution via buried pipes to residential and office buildings, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and other buildings.

Central boiler plant

  • a central heating plant offers an effective approach to thermal energy generation, since as a rule it is cheaper to produce heat in large quantities,
  • by bringing together the various users of thermal energy, we can obtain the input energy required for thermal energy generation for better prices,
  • the boiler plant houses several boilers for heating the water that transmits thermal energy,
  • most boiler plants are located on the edge of residential areas and comply with all safety and environmental regulations,
  • the boiler plant's problem-free operation is ensured by technicians who, serving on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, look after our heating comfort

Heat distributions

Heat exchange stations